14 Feb 2018



Today 80 percent of people will experience from back pain in their lives. Most of the back pain is happened due to poor posture, repetitive movement, incorrect lifting, for instance ( as the result of injury, infection or serious disease like cancer). Nowadays back pain has become the major problem in our life due to busy days, busy life and unhealthy food. People use to take modern medicine to cure the pain yes the pain will heal for some time but yes it’s true that it will return after few time. Modern medicine just heal the pain and give relief for certain period of time I am not saying that modern medicine is not needed it is needed for emergencies e.g when we meet accident and need emergency treatment there we need modern medicine immediately because it heal very fast and effectively but we don’t have the habit of consuming the medicine for long time because it may cause side effect to our health. Natural cure and natural medicines are very good for the back pain natural healing process is very effective for long term relief. Natural method will relief and make you fresh also it regenerate your natural healing power in your body.




 Back pain is normal nowadays but we should not neglect its cause and symptom. Some time it may be normal pain but sometime back pain may need serious cure. Here are some cause of back pain which may put you in risk of serious back pain.





  • Age

Age is the common factor which may cause the back pain. Mostly the pain start from the age of 30 or 40.  Starting at this age people will feel most back pain.


  • Lack of Exercise

  When laziness take place and and have less time to take care of yourself and there will be lack of exercise and which lead to back pain.


  • Excess weight

When we carry too much weight and carry extra pound of flesh on your back then it leads to back pain.


  • Diseases

Some types of arthritis and cancer can contribute to back pain.


  • Psychological conditions


When  people suffer from some psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia which may also cause back pain.


  • Smoking

Smoking can keep our body from delivering enough nutrients which leads to back pain.







We can do many things to avoid back pain or prevent its recurrence by maintaining  physical condition and by learning and practicing proper mechanic for keeping our back healthy and painless we can follow these prevention given below.








  • Exercise

Regular basis of exercise is needed to maintain your body mind as well as your soul. Regular exercise like aerobic activities, yoga that don’t strain or jolt your back will increase your muscles function better and decrease your back pain. Therefore exercise is needed   the most to be fit and back painless.


  • Build muscle strength and flexibility


Core strengthening exercise for abdominal and back muscle helps the muscles to work together like the natural corset of our back. It creates the flexibility in our hips and upper legs which aligns our pelvic bones to improve and reduce back pain. We can consult our therapist or doctor for right exercise for us.


  • Maintain a healthy weight

Proper diet proper food should be taken to maintain weight because when we don’t eat proper food than we may consume more flesh and which lead to strain the back muscles and lead to back pain. Therefore, we should avoid back junk food for maintained body.


  • Stand Smart

Standing posture may lead us to back pain because our foot has to bear all the weight of our body and if we don’t stand straight than back main may occur. Therefore, we must have to maintain neutral pelvic position  which leads to stress more on your back and reduce back pain.


  • Sit Smart


We have to choose our seat with lower back support, armrests and swivel base or manage to place small roll towel or pillow back side of our chair to maintain its normal curve. And also we should keep our hip and knees level, change our sitting position frequently at least every half and hour. This will help to control the back pain.


  • Life Smart

If possible avoid heavy lifting and if you have to lift then let our leg to do your work. Keeping back straight, no twisting, and if we bend only at the knees than we can control back pain. If possible we could find a partner to lift the load.




Above given points are some of the cause and prevention methods for back pain naturally but if you feel shiver pain then please contact to your doctor nearby  so that you can have the good medical help.

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