27 May 2018

Know The Cause, Prevention And Herbal Medicine In Nepal For Abdominal Bloating?

Know The Cause, Prevention And Herbal Medicine In Nepal For Abdominal Bloating?

There are no any exact reason of abdominal bloating but most probably it is caused by fluid retention, irritable bowel syndrome and infections. Abdominal bolting may be very painful and someone can feel that there belly looks like swollen and experience shiver abdominal pain.  There are many herbal medicine in Nepal where you will get the proper solution for bloating. In many cases problems may be cause by indigestion or too much gas building inside our stomach and bowels.
Bloating is mainly associated with eating habit of people. Like other disease it does not get worse by time and goes away within a day or two.

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Causes Of Abdominal Bloating

As mentioned above abdominal bloating is not that much serious disease but very unusual pain occur again and again and if you feel the worse pain than ever then there are many causes of it some of them are as given below.


One of the cause of bloating is formation of gas in your stomach but it can be treated due to herbal medicine at home. Bloating is sometime embracing too. bloating can cause sometime very intense pain. Therefore avoid the vegetables such as cauliflower , broccoli and cabbage but some time gas may occur due to stomach infection and chronic disease.


Sometimes when food is taken our body could not digest it due to many reason may be in proper eating habit, eating a lot, excessive consume of alcohol and stomach infection.

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Prevention And Herbal Medicine In Nepal for Bloating

There are different kind of herbal medicine in Nepal for preventing bloating. Some of the herbal medicine in Nepal  are given below:

  • One of the herbal medicine for prevention of bloating are eating habit. We have bad habit of eating when our stomach is still full and we don’t allow our meal to digest fully before eating our next meal. Therefore, eat when you are fully hungry.
  • Food should be chewed properly and we should not have to talk when we eat because it effect the digestive system of our body and cause bloating.
  • Try chewing on a slice of ginger with lime juice or lemon 20 minutes before your meal.
    Don’t eat anything cold while eating.
  • Avoid drinking anything 30 min after the meal because it will dilute digestive juices and will make it harder to digest.
  • Pay attention how your body reacts to dairy and wheat/flour products. If you feel bloated after them, you might have to reduce your intake or remove them completely.
  • Drinking anything 30 min after the meal will reduce digestive juice which will make harder to digest your food.
  • Chew on fennel seeds or make fennel tea because fennel seeds have the capacity which shoots your digestive track.
  • Do 5 mins of deep abdominal breathing.
  • Lay on your left side and breathe deeply.
  • Make a walk of 30 minutes everyday because it will increase your heart beat faster and helps in releasing gas.

Herbal medicine is always a good  method for cure any kind of disease because it has no side effect and will help to heal the disease too. Herbal medicine in Nepal is the best option for bloating therefore, before going to any medical treatment if you apply this method to cure disease then it will be best for you.


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