15 Jul 2018

Know About The Organic Products In Nepal Its Benefits And Disadvantages

Know About The Organic Products In Nepal Its Benefits And Disadvantages

Organic Products In Nepal

Organic products i Nepal are the product which falls under the agriculture and which are grown without using any kind of harmful chemicals pesticides and fertilizer. Organic products are mainly taken as food items, some of the food items are like organic grocery, organic vegetable, organic certified food etc . Organic products in Nepal is highly demanded because people are very much concerned about their health because organic products are very good for the health there are no any kind of harmful chemicals mixed and are grown naturally. Everything have there own pros and cons like wise organic products also have the benefits and disadvantages which are given below.

Organic Products in Nepal and Its Benefits are

  • Better taste

Organic product does not use any kind of harmful chemicals therefore it will not harm our health and yes it taste more good than the chemical pesticide used food. You can easily know the taste of the food by yourself.

  • Safe from chemicals

Yes, organic products  are safe from chemicals which is one of the benefits of using organic products. Use of chemicals will lead you to breast cancer, leukemia, infertility, hormone disorder and many more.

  • Peace of mind

Stay healthy is our main motto but due to inorganic food and products people neglect the health and the result will be very much dangerous. Living healthy without any disease and explore the world is much more better than living with disease like cancer, depression and life long preventable disease. Therefore, there will be peace of mind.

  • Feelings of being more energetic

No pesticide, Chemicals or processed additives bogging down our body means a smaller risk of disease, illness and disorder in our self. Like unhealthy and junk food this organic food has no any side effects.

  • Supports local economy

Purchase of local organic products in Nepal will helps the people to support economically. If we purchase the products from farmers then it will create jobs and keep farmers thriving.

  • Environment friendly

There are many advantages of organic food to the environment not only people all the living creature including human being will have its benefits. Environment will be free of harmful chemicals. There won’t be any kind of health issue due to the chemicals. Therefore, it protects the planet too.

Organic Products In Nepal and Its disadvantages are as given below

  • It is difficult to find out. We can see all the product same and there will be a huge problem to differentiate the product weather it is organic or non- organic, there is no any specific way to find the products quality. The next thing is we cannot find the farmers market and your local stores may only carry limited selections.
  • Another disadvantages about the organic products are organic products are too high in price. But it is typically that this products are not expensive but the non- organic food has been made artificially cheap by the government farm subsidies.

Organic food products in Nepal are very much natural and good for health. Most non- organic food are made up of corn and food soy which is heavily subsidies. Think about it: most processed foods are about 80% corn-derived, and animal products are fed a corn- and soy-based diet. (Yum.) The other subsidies come in the form of oil: petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, and so on. And another has to do with scale: large-scale producers are often government-supported, too. Non-organic farmers simply get more subsidies in various ways for producing food than organic farmers, and so they can keep their prices artificially low.

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